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Welcome to the new  era of umbrella creation,
where new ideas and techniques have been united with cutting edge technologies
to provide the  most suitable  product for your space.

Our goal is to gain your trust and meet your needs to the fullest.
- 3D-Umbrella


Excellent quality, innovation, attention to the smallest detail at every level ensuring satisfied customers, is our primary concern.

Our many years of experience in the production of umbrella systems within Greece and abroad has provided us with the  know- how for creating unique and functional products.

Growing sales crucial for further progress in 3D umbrella systems, is proof that we are on the right track.

Our 1600m2 premises in Chalkida (80km north of Athens) are fully equipped with the latest technologies, producing 3D printed plastic components, as creating innovative molds by injection molding

Our company undertakes, always in agreement with our customers and with the most economically competitive packages on the market that include the transport -assembly-installation-demonstration of their products. 

Without having to intervene in any of them.

Light weight, heavy and super heavy weight umbrellas for outdoor spaces , gardens restaurants cafes hotels and specifically  beachfront locations, as well as custom made umbrellas catering to your particular needs.

Our quest for creating, coupled with specialization in materials and technologies allows us to meet your most challenging and individual needs.

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