All included support

Our company undertakes the transportation, assembly, installation, demonstration (TAID) of our products with the most economical and competitive packages in the market. 

If (TAID) is not needed, then our technical team also offers multi-channel tech support, and guidance to assist you with any installation enquiries

Easy Fix – Repair Kit - 3d Umbrella

Our expert team, having years of experience in the industry, are able to discover innovative ways of assembling and designing products. 

The repair kit ensures that replacement of broken parts is easy, even for the end user. Upon order placing,  extra spare parts will be included  for free, along with a video guide for immediate repairing, in case of product misuse or accidental damage. 

This saves our customers time and money, since they do not have to send the whole product back to us, and they can have it ‘’ up and running ‘’ within a few minutes.

Precision Measurements

Following agreement with our customers, 3D-Umbrella can send specialists to take accurate measurements of each space, and discuss about weather conditions in the surrounding area. 

This process will ensure that the ideal product will be selected to meet the requirements of the space.
- 3D-Umbrella
3D Space Illustration

With the use of the latest technologies available, we have the ability to create 3d illustration of your space and our products. 

Precision measurements will be required, in order to demonstrate the finished design, and how our products will affect your space.

Canopy Fabric Replacement

All of our fabrics, have a replacement warranty  depending on material selection. It is natural, that over the years, the canopy’s fabric will start deteriorating. 

Sun exposure can lead to discoloration and fraying. 

If you wish to replace it with a new one, you can contact our customer service department, that is always at your disposal.

Umbrella Protection

Every umbrella purchased from us comes complete with a free of charge protective casing that has weatherproof properties.

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